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(If you were wondering, last year's unofficial title went to Tyrion Lannister and Bronn.) She has nothing but gushy, wonderful things to say about her costar.The Tube map inspired me to walk the whole system overground. (Well, sort of.) I recently had a chat with the one-time holder of this record (don't worry, he's trying to get it back), a wonderful man named Geoff Marshall.But as they set off away from the dive site on a speed boat, the killer whales followed close behind, jumping out the water as if they were dolphins, flipping and spinning and spraying their spectators.The couple were vacationing at the Costa Baja Resort in La Paz to celebrate their anniversary doing what they love the most.For starters, it helps that she's naturally super tall and (despite Brienne's depiction in the books) super gorgeous.

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In a recent interview, Christie talked about what it takes to bring her memorable character to life.Geoff's a particularly good example of how obsessiveness doesn't have to make you a Johnny No Mates: he always takes people with him on his record atttempts (of which there have been 19, with a 20th happening in a couple of weeks). ‘Some of the people form support groups, who can get food and drink ready for us.For instance we can call them when we're running towards the end of a line [sometimes it's quicker to do this than take the Tube itself - the challenge rules allow foot and bus, but no private transport] and say ‘we'll be there in ten minutes, buy the tea now.' Other helpers stay above ground so they can monitor the Tube's service status online.We filter our nerdiness through a layer of irony, enjoying the challenge of (for instance) exploring the whole Tube system without ever letting it rule our lives.This means we can relish the childishness of it all, but keep it in perspective.

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