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Il n’est pas le prince charmant, il est celui qui la comprend Grace le jour, Jade la nuit.

Additionally, we cover the inauguration ceremony of new leaders in...After trying to ignore his ranting about being the Messiah, he suddenly stood up and cursed me as Satan, loudly screaming that he won't be tempted by my devilish ways.FML Today, my ex, who is also my roommate, questioned me about something I had said in a private conversation to my friend on Facebook.FML Today, I found out that because I, like many others, don't read the terms and conditions, I accidentally donated £200 to a charity because of a non-refundable payment on a volunteering trip. FML Today, after spending over a year getting clean and sober, I started feeling horrible withdrawal symptoms and couldn't understand why.It turns out my wife had been dosing my food with Adderall "to keep me on track" and just stopped. FML Today, I met my boyfriend's parents and everything was going perfectly.

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