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You can put a Close button on the Standard toolbar easily enough, and you can put a Close All button on it as well: Tip: If you don't want to add a Close button to the Standard toolbar (or another toolbar), you can close a document by clicking the close button (the X button) in the upper-right corner of its window.I use buttons on about 10 different toolbars, and between them they're turning the document window into a document porthole.You can reset the menus and toolbars to their default settings in moments. Click the toolbar or menu you want to reset (to reset all menus on the menu bar, select the Menu Bar item) and click the Reset button.In the Reset Toolbar dialog box, make sure that Word has selected the right template or document, and then click the OK button.With version 0.14, and 7 tabs open on screen, if I move the mouse over the tabstrip to the left-hand side of the second tab on the right of the screen, then the right-most tab is much too narrow - not enough to display the favicon or even a character of the title. We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions.In Word 2000, this option is implemented the other way around: the checkbox is called "Standard and Formatting toolbars share one row," and you need to the box.

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