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This method detected a previously identified mismatch situation with suitable prey in the early spawning season, which increased mortality of larger larvae.(2) Estimated starvation resistance, a proxy that accounts for temperature- and size-dependent metabolism, reflected the likelihood of near future starvation of individual larvae.ABSTRACT: Sprat Sprattus sprattus larvae were used as model organisms to evaluate whether larval lipids reflect in situ feeding conditions and can thus identify match-mismatch situations.In detail, we determined larval lipid content, growth rates based on RNA: DNA ratios, and fatty acid (FA) composition during the spawning season in the Central Baltic Sea, and evaluated these in light of feeding, mortality and recruitment (which were determined in parallel within the project ‘GLOBEC Germany’).Thanks to some alleged flirting at Elton John's birthday party (erm, okay), the internet thought—for a fleeting moment—that Katy Perry was on the rebound with actor Ryan Phillippe.That is, until he shut the rumor mill down and penned an all-caps tweet accusing paparazzi (AKA "low flying pervs") of flying over his house.(3) Principal component analyses on FAs identified monthly differences in diet composition.Biomarkers indicated a dinoflagellate and/or microbial loop based carbon flux to the larvae.

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