Loosing bookmarks when updating firefox

You can use it to find your deleted/lost Android bookmarks according to your own need. Here almost all Andorid devices are supported, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and more. After scanning, all the deleted/lost/existing data will be shown in the main window. After downloading this software, install and launch it on your computer. To restore one of those, click on Bookmarks in the Firefox toolbar and click on Show All Bookmarks. I can find no setting in CCleaner that will delete the bookmarks file (places.sqlite) or extensions (it will delete saved passwords, which actually should not be stored in the browser). For a further discussion of cookies, please see the Choosing which cookies to keep topic.* Download History - A list of files you downloaded through that browser.* Session You can save the session and reopen it at the later time. Double-click on the folder and you should see a list of backup files. Note that the cookie list in the Options section of CCleaner controls cookies for all browsers you have installed, not just Internet Explorer.You might also try using R-Studio to see if it can find any of the deleted bookmark files.

Someday, you upgrade your phones, or your browsers, you may lose your bookmarks, how to recover Chrome/Firefox bookmarks safely?

Change it to your desired location and make sure to use \ instead of \. Now Firefox will automatically use the above mentioned file for storing your bookmarks and you'll not need to take care of your bookmarks ever.

Hello here is the problem I had with some urgency backup all my system (linux mint 11) in order to not lost my files.

Playing around w/ ccleaner,went to far and cleaned dns and font caches and who knows what else. If you have a full disk image backup, you might consider restoring your profile folder from that. Firefox bookmark backup folder is empty and can't seem to access profile. Session contains all saved and opened tabs.* Internet Cache - HTML, images, and other files accumulated while you surfed the Web using that browser.* Internet History - A list of the sites you visited and the dates on which you visited them.* Saved Form Information - User names, passwords, search terms, and anything else you typed into any forms that appeared in the browser's HTML canvas.* Compact Databases - Some Web browsers (notably Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) use databases to store bookmarks, history, and other data.

Lost bookmarks and passwords and add-ons and may be other stuff. Extensions are fairly easy to re-download and install from Firefox AMO. When you remove information from these databases, they may still take up room with fragmented space.

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