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Often we’re discontent with the superficial things in our lives.

As she explains, “As a caveat, when a woman navigates life after divorce, it really is about creating a starting point around these four priorities in her new found identity/chapter, where she is no longer in a relationship.

“It’s important to find your emotional center and get strong emotionally, so you can figure out who you are and what your goals are when it comes to dating.

Therapy can really help women overcome fears and gain confidence,” Heather says.

The goal is to create a fulfilling life for herself – whether she ends up in another relationship or not – where these pillars encompass her life.” Before ending up with her current partner, Heather’s dating experiences ran the gamut of good and bad, and she learned a lot along the way.

She graciously agreed to share her tips for dating after divorce with Connatser Family Law.

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